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Welcome to the new IUME blog–an interconnected and highly interactive space where the IUME team can collectively share news about our community projects, our research, or just individual thoughts about education. Each member of the team will be individually authoring his or her own posts on this blog–a format and framework that is beneficial to hearing the perspective of the entire team. In that collaborative spirit, we hope on using this digital space as a community space within Teachers College, the greater Columbia University community and of course, the Harlem and New York community.

So please, come back, comment often, and join the IUME team on our quest to change the world–not just through rhetoric, but through action. Action that includes research as a form of social justice through our affiliation with Teachers College, of course, but also through community events and community involvement. With the appointment of Dr. Ernest Morrell as the new IUME Director and with the 40th Anniversary of IUME approaching next year, we hope you will join us into a new era for the Institute.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Want to give involved? Have an idea? Need help with our site’s interactive features? Feel free to contact us–this space is just as much your space as it is ours! Carpe Diem!