IUME is Ready for the New Year!

| September 5, 2012

Hello to all the scholars, activists, and dreamers,

Happy “new” academic year! With the start of the school year officially upon us and hallways beginning to crackle with eager students and scholars full of fresh ideas, we at IUME feel the same way; the 2012-2013 year holds a lot of promise for the Institute as we look forward to building on our accomplishments from 2011-2012. Now beginning our second year under the leadership of Director Ernest Morrell, IUME has continued to grow, adding more passionate and committed Teachers College students the our team and connecting with more community organizations. Yet, at the core of IUME is, of course, the research–how can we push the envelope forward with innovative critical research? What is our research foci for the year and how do we, collectively, go about pursuing this type of research? And last of all, how do we disseminate our findings to the TC community and to the world? These are some of the questions we discussed in our first team meeting, brainstorming what research we will undergo this year and how it adds to education literature at large, specifically in dealing with students of color in urban schools. It is the research that drives IUME and is at the heart of what we do and why we do it–advancing the interests of the disenfranchised through community and student driven research that illustrates the often-hidden brilliance of students in their community. We are excited to expand on a number of research projects from last year and begin new ones as well!

Research aside, we of course plan to build on last year from a community perspective, continuing–but working to refine–our successful IUME Colloquia series and a number of new co-sponsorships with other institutions and organizations on important events and dynamic speakers. Our first event that IUME is co-sponsoring is the Getting Real III Public Videoconference Series: Hip-Hop Pedagogy, Performance and Culture in the Classroom and Beyond. (You can read about the details of this innovative series below.)

We are extremely hopeful for the new year and look forward to your involvement with the Institute–whether it be attending a Colloquia, visiting the Gordon Campus, or even getting involved with a research project. There are a number of events that will be added to the schedule in the coming days and weeks, so make sure to check back often. Our first official IUME event will be a Book Talk on Tuesday, the 25th, with below. Also, makes sure to join our official Facebook page and Twitter feeds (and visit our YouTube page) to get the latest information and updates about all the Institute’s happenings.

See you this year!