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IUME Culture Circle — African American Literacies Recap  ☆

"I am...articulate." That simple sentence may seem, well, indeed quite simple but in reality, those three routine words were immensely powerful this afternoon at the Gordon Campus in Harlem. Graduate students Crystal Belle and Jamila Lyiscott dissected African-American literacies today at our second IUME Culture Circle among a great--and very diverse--crowd of participants from the …

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Dr. David Wall Rice Recap  ☆

Black men. Black boys. These are the words that Dr. David Wall Rice always starts his classes and lectures with, just as he did this afternoon. Why does he start with those words? Because more often than not, society avoids them, preferring to use just "males" instead. Why is this so? Why is this important? …

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A Powerful Space: Recap of IUME’s Inaugural “Culture Circle”  ☆

The only word that seems appropriate is "powerful"--it is extremely powerful (and empowering!) to have students, teachers, professors, and community members gather on a Saturday morning in Harlem, amidst loads of personal responsibilities, and voluntarily engage in critical dialogue with one another. IUME first Culture Circle event, led by inspiring scholars Cati de los Rios …

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Little Acts of Justice: IUME in the News  ☆

Despite constantly working together as a team in regards to many of IUME's research projects, the students and staff have kept busy individually also participating in variety of acts that deserve mention. Although we maintain the importance of collaborative spirit and full ideation in our work, it is also refreshing for us to support each …

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IUME Team Meeting Recap 11/4: What kind of work does IUME do?  ☆

Hello everyone. As usual for our bi-weekly meetings, the IUME team gathered together this afternoon at the Edmund W. Gordon Campus in Harlem to update each other on our individual projects and discuss the future of IUME. Initially, the meeting started with a bunch of logistical endeavors; we officially scheduled some of our Spring Colloquia. …

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IUME Team Meeting Recap: Creating a IUME Design  ☆

Earlier this afternoon, the IUME team convened for our bi-weekly meeting at the Edmund W. Gordon Campus. While it is exciting to hear about all the wonderful individual projects that the post-doctoral fellows, graduate assistants and project assistants have been working on, it is even more exciting for us to collectively discuss how we can …

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The Future of American Education  ☆

The future of America is intertwined with the future of American education. And the future of American education is inextricably linked to the future of America's urban schools. There is no denying that education is the civil rights issue of our time. And there is no denying the violation of the civil rights of millions …

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Welcome to the new IUME Up Close blog!  ☆

Hello everyone--thank you for stopping by our newly-minted IUME Happenings blog, affiliated with the new Pressible network at Teachers College, Columbia University. Our goal with this so-called "digital space" is to inform the community--both the academic community and the local community--with the many projects IUME is engaged with.┬áMore importantly, we want to hear from you--your …

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